"Tweaked: A Generation in Overdrive" - Who We Are

We are a nonprofit organization called "The Foundation" which was created under 501c3 of the IRS code. Our main objective is to impact our culture with relevant media projects that will examine difficult and controversial issues, relating to youth, while providing positive and constructive answers in the process. "Tweaked" and Tweaked: A Generation in Overdrive" , are two prime examples of dealing with a major problem sweeping our country.

Founded in 1998, our financial support has originated from a few in the Hollywood entertainment industry who believe it's time to take a stand against this wide spread epidemic of methamphetamine addiction in America. In reality, our concern is that this dangerous addiction to methamphetamine in America is already out of control. The State of California is leading the way with the city of Riverside being the Meth capital of the world. The epidemic is so bad, the U.S. Department of Justice recently claimed Meth has surpassed Cocaine as the new "drug of choice" by our youth.

This two-part film series reveals how young people are impacted by this new and deadly surge of Meth addiction. Few escape because their family and friends are willing to sacrifice everything to set them free. Others, hopelessly hooked on Meth, die a slow, degenerative death, with no sense of well being or hope. Others are victims of suicide, or perpetrators of torture and murder.

The young people featured in our new film series represent the many innocents of our society ravaged by broken homes, neglect, and little parental influence. Physically and emotionally vulnerable to their environment, they adopt the look and values of the people they love and esteem. When these people are drugged out musicians , Hollywood actors, or Vogue models rather than members of their family who can return that love, it's easy to see the potential for a downward spiral.

Social influences like family and close friends, once the center of our society, pale against the pervasive power of the media, which collectively impacts young lives by glamorizing destructive attitudes and actions. In recent times it has become popular to mock family values, and reject forms of authority which at one time were greatly respected. Role models, which once included father figures, school teachers and police officers have been replaced by cynical, sarcastic media figures who promote an "if it feels good, do it" philosophy. Too immature to recognize the long term repercussions of this approach to life, many youth are easily influenced and swayed into living this lifestyle until it destroys them.

Research has proven that young people who grow into maturity without using illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, are likely to remain drug free the rest of their lives. Our main objective in "Tweaked" is to warn addicts and educate potential users, parents, school and law enforcement officials about the ever increasing use of Methamphetamine (speed), and the life threatening damage to all who come in contact with it.

A second objective, as demonstrated in "Tweaked: A Generation in Overdrive", is to instill faith in the family unit and qualities of life like confidence, self-control, wisdom and love.